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Product Description

The Jalama rooftop tent is a wonderful choice for those that don't have the want or need for an enclosed overhang.

Our Expedition Grade Tents all come with Diamond plate honeycomb core floors, fabric wrapped interior poles, anti-condensation mats already installed, shoe bags, and some unique innovative storage areas under the tent and inside as well.

Tent Features

Expedition grade equipment.

Thick 400g canvas tent bodies keep with the spirit and tradition of the Australian outback and African expeditions.  Helps with insulation to keep you comfortable in any season.  One of the many innovations that make these the best rooftop tents.

Elevated Rainflys with reinforced rainfly mounts.

Large 1" tubing and alloy joints for longer life and strength.  Also helps considerably with snow load in winter camping with your RTT.

Thick mattresses for a luxurious night's sleep no matter where you are.

304 Stainless steel hinges and Tig welded 304 stainless ladder mounting points for structural integrity and long service life.

Green tent bodies and tan rainfly help blend in with nature and become part of the scenery.

Our Scout Edition Tents come with 280g instead of 400g and use 5/8" tubing instead of 1" for the support hoops.

400G Canvas

Tent bodies are made of true 400g poly-cotton ripstop canvas that has a waterproof coating that still allows for ventilation, making them the most extreme duty tent available. All seams are double-stitched and weather-taped for maximum strength and waterproofing. If you want the best rooftop tent for the best value then you've come to the right place.  HIT™ rooftop tents are the toughest and highest quality tents you can buy.  We make them in small product runs so that the attention to detail and quality control is unmatched.  Our Scout Edition tents come in our 280g poly-cotton ripstop canvas.

Beefy Frames

All of our rooftop tents come with 1" aluminum interior hoops attached to aluminum alloy joints for the strongest framework available. The floors are aluminum sheet top and bottom wrapped around a fire retardant insulated core so you won't get cold at night from underneath. Our Scout Edition tents use 5/8" aluminum interior hoops.

304 Stainless Steel

Ladder mounting hardware is Tig welded 304 stainless steel for superior strength and long service life. The ladders themselves are high-quality aluminum sliding ladders for simplicity and reliability. The floor hinges are 304 stainless steel. The setup and breakdown time of your RTT is greatly reduced to let you spend more time doing what you went to the outdoors to do

Interior Innovation

Inside there are 4 pockets 2 on each side of the tent to store and organize any items you keep close to your bed.  The mattress is a thick high-density foam wrapped in a removable washable cotton cover.  Also, we have included 2 straps with handle loops that reach the entrance of the tent for a secure handhold for entering and exiting the sleeping area to maximize your safety. They are conveniently located on the left and the right side of the tents to accommodate right or left-hand users.  These can be removed and discarded if not wanted or simply tucked out of the way when not in use.

Sturdy 1200D PVC travel covers keep your RTT clean, dry, and ready for use.  These have 6 straps and a zippered base that is protected by a velcro'd down rain flap. Simply unstrap, unzip and flop the cover over the top to allow for your tent to deploy. The cover can be left hanging under the tent on the side of the vehicle or slipped out of the track that holds the hinge side and folded up and stowed until ready to put on and hit the road.


Tent body:400g rip-stop poly-cotton breathable canvas, dual stitched and weather taped seams, UV and mold resistant, waterproof coating

Rainfly:420D Polyester Oxford, waterproof, mold-resistant, and UV protected, elevated rainfly with reinforced rainfly mounts

Seasons:4, with our 400g canvas, your tent will stand up to the weather and keep you warm and comfortable inside, summer, fall, winter, and spring.

Mattress:3" thick high-density foam with a removable/washable cotton cover

Travel cover: 1200D Heavy duty PVC, UV protected, and waterproof

Base: Aluminum frame, Honeycomb core with diamond plate exterior

Sleeping capacity:3

Weight empty:145lbs

Weight capacity:1200lbs

Ladder:sliding aluminum

Size closed:56"wide X 48"long X 15.5"tall

Size open:56"wide X 96"long X 50" tall

Sleeping area/mattress size:56"wide X 96"long


Hinterland Industries Tents (HIT™) provides a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on our rooftop tents (RTTs).  This covers any defects in material or manufacturing.  HIT™ will repair or replace at our discretion any items that prove to be defective at no cost to you. This does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes sustained during use, or damage caused by improper use, improper cleaning, or improper storage. If the whole tent needs to be returned for repair/replacement or inspection, the costs and liability associated with that are the responsibility of the customer.


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