Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Roof Top Tent (RTT)?

  • Community: Owning a roof top tent means belonging to a community. Many people want to go camping. But RTT owners go camping. For a couple of reasons,1 because you love the outdoors and 2 because its heavy to take off your vehicle, so you put it to use.
  • Fast: Easy to set up and just as easy to take down. You just do a little unsnapping and a little snapping, and just like that a roof top tent!
  • Comfort: Flat surface, no more sleeping on rocks! Now the only reason your back is going to hurt is because you’re getting old. Sorry.
  • Safety: Remember how we mentioned no more sleeping on rocks? Well, that’s not the only benefit sleeping on a roof top. Think of all the little critters you would be avoiding from wanting to cuddle with you in the middle of the night.
  • Room for Activities: Leave some gear in the RTT like your sleeping bags during your travels allowing for more leg room for you and your family/friends.
  • Cool Factor: Remember how you always wanted a tree house that your parents never built for you… well, sleeping in a tent on a roof of a car kind of feels like that.
  • Roof Top Sleeping: Do you recall those summer nights when you used you climb up to your roof top to watch the sunset with that person you said you would be with forever? Now you can watch the sunset and the sun rise from anywhere.

What type of Roof top tent is better? Hard Shell or Soft Shell
To be honest, they are both great. Both are easy to set up and take down. The decision is always made best by you. However, here are some things we’ve noticed between the two types. The hardshell tents tend to be a little more aerodynamic while driving on the highway. Because of this design, they are often less noisy on your drive. On the other hand, softshell tents fit and look nicer on a smaller car as they typically have a smaller footprint. Additionally, softshells have the ability to fold out and have a larger interior than most hardshells.

Do I need a new roof rack to fit the RTT?
This answer in a nutshell is no. However, we would strongly recommend that you look at the weight restrictions on the one you currently have.

If you are unsure or currently do not have a roof rack and are wanting to complete the overlanding experience, Click Here to see the roof racks we offer.

Does Rugged Outlander offer financing?
Yes, we are partnered with Affirm

How can I track my order?
Look no further. Click Here

Can I install the RTT by myself?
Not recommended as they can be heavy. We would recommend you "Tom Sawyer" (get the help of) two buddies, as they lift to put the RTT on the rack you can supervise and guide.

What if the roof rack load capacity is less than what 4 people weigh?
Don’t worry. The roof rack load capacity refers to the weight the roof rack can safely withhold while the vehicle is in motion. Once your vehicle is parked, let the party begin. The rack system is no longer in danger of unexpected changes in momentum making it is safe for you to set up your RTT and enjoy your camping experience. Please remember, that you should never be in the RTT while the vehicle is in motion, no matter what the condition.

Does Rugged Outlander offer installations?

We do not offer installations. However, we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that there are instructions with the products being shipped out.

Plus, it wouldn’t be very “Rugged” if you paid someone to put your tent together. amiright?

Can I use an RTT in the winter/snow?
Might be a little cold, but Heck yeah!

Do I need to sign for the delivery?
Most items do not require a signature and will be left at the door. However, on items being delivered by freight truck, yes. The freight company will call you and schedule a delivery day and time. Please check the delivery before signing for the package. If there are notable signs of damage, do not sign and refuse the delivery.

Does Rugged Outlander offer military/ first responder discounts?
We thank you for your service. Unfortunately, discounts are not available at the moment.  

Does Rugged Outlander ship to Military APO/FPO or PO Box addresses?
No. We primarily ship to residential and commercial. On some of the heavier items that require freight, those items may ship to a near by freight station. 

Prop 65
This is for our friends in California. Some of the items listed on our site fall under Prop 65. For more information on this, Click here. If you have a specific question regarding an item, feel free to reach out.


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