CBI Toyota Tacoma Lower Control Arm Skid Plates | 2024

Product Description

Protect your 4th Gen 2024 Toyota Tacoma lower control arms with this CBI durable skid plates, engineered for off-road strength and peace of mind. Defend against rocks, debris, and rugged terrain, ensuring your vehicle’s undercarriage stays protected.

  • Protection from road and trail debris
  • 7 Gauge Steel
  • Easy Install in about 10 min

Upgrade your 4th Gen 2024 Toyota Tacoma’s off-road capabilities with the CBI bolt-on lower control arm skid plates. Constructed from robust 7-gauge steel, these skid plates provide unmatched durability and strength. Engineered for easy installation, the bolt-on design ensures a seamless fit without any modifications required. With these skid plates in place, your Tacoma’s lower control arms are fortified against the toughest trails.


    WEIGHT 10.6 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 22 × 12 × 2.75 in

    Bare Metal, Powder Coat Black, TRD Grey

    MAKE Toyota







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