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Fishbone Offroad Winch Line 'Fishhook' - Black

Product Description

  • Designed to work with most aftermarket bumpers
  • Powder coated black
  • Made from steel
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware
  • For use with Hawse fairleads and synthetic rope
  • Will not work on Bumpers with "Recessed Fairlead" mounting locations

The Fishbone Offroad Fishhook is the perfect solution to take control of your winch cable and hook, on the front of your Jeep.  The Fishhook is designed to work with most aftermarket bumpers and using the two holes for your fairlead to mount onto the bumper.  Please Note: If you have a Recessed Fairlead mounting surface that's not flush and flat, you may run into issues mounting the Fishhook.  The overall width of the Fishhook is 16" end to end.  During testing we found that recessed furled mounting applications run into issues with the Fishhook fitting inside the recessed area.

Installation Instructions

Downloadable PDF - FB21094 Installation Instructions.pdf



Fishbone offers the original purchaser a 90-day warranty from defects in material and workmanship on all powder coat finishes from the original date of purchase. Due to the intended use of our product, our warranty does not cover product damaged sustained from offroad use or accidents.

This warranty does not cover shipping damage, misuse, mishandling, road hazards, or product modifications. This warranty does not cover the cost of installation, removal, labor, or shipping. This warranty only applies to new products installed on the original vehicle. The warranty covers the replacement or repair of any part or parts that are defective and returned to Fishbone Offroad accompanied with a bill of sale and RGA number. Warranty claims cannot be determined until goods are inspected. If you live in an area that uses salt or other harsh chemicals for snow and ice removal, it is very important that you keep your products clean. If you allow salt and other harsh snow and ice removing chemicals to stick to your product, this may cause your product to rust prematurely and will void your warranty (warranty will be voided under product neglect) Please also DO NOT use any chemicals, even those meant to protect the product, on the product without consulting Fishbone Offroad. Failure to do so will void your warranty (warranty will be voided under product modifications).

Product hardware and accessories (latches, lights, bolts, etc...) are not covered under any part of our warranty. Tire carrier spindles on bumpers are not covered by the warranty.

Upon our receipt of the damaged product, it will be replaced or repaired at our discretion. The warranty is only applicable for the original purchaser of the product; all names of customers are held in a Fishbone Offroad database for reference. All returns will be checked and any modifications made to any of these products will void the warranty.

Installation labor, paint, powder coat, or any other finishes are not covered by warranty. We do not cover shipping, insurance, or any import fees, duties, and taxes for the returned product. If after inspection, we found the product to be defective in materials or workmanship, we will at no-cost repair or replace the defective product with the same or comparable product on a "best-effort” basis.

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as damage to or loss of directly or indirectly caused by the product. Please contact us about product failures regardless of the reason.


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