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Tuff Stuff Overland RTT Anti-Condensation Mat, fits Alpha's & Stealth

Product Description

Tuff Stuff Overland, Anti-Condensation Mat for Alpha's & Stealth roof top tents minimize moisture build-up inside of your tent and eliminates moisture from wicking into the tent's mattress cover.

If you are looking into purchasing a roof top tent or already have purchased one, don't hesitate to add this to your cart now. This small addition will protect your investment and eliminate that mildew smell common among camping equipment. Anti-condensation mats are one of those things you don't know that you need until you need it. Right around 4:00 AM after the first night at camp.

This new mesh fiber mat is lighter weight than our previous model mat and allows plenty of air to circulate under the mattress, eliminating moisture from collecting on the floor of your tent

There are two different sizes... one for the Alpha or Stealth RTT (3+ person) and one for the Alpha II (2 person)

**Will not fit Ranger, Delta, Trailhead, or Elite Rooftop Tents


  1. Remove the mattress from the tent.
  2. Lay the 2 mats on both surfaces of the tent floor so there is no overlapping
  3. Add the Velcro to each corner of the mats, then adhere to the RTT floor
  4. Reinstall the mattress inside of the tent and the mattress will line up with Velcro strips on the top of the mat
  5. This is done so the mat does not slide out while opening the tent.


  • Alpha II Anti-Condensation 2 piece Mat L/W/H: 48 x 56 x 1/4 inches
  • Alpha & Stealth Anti-Condensation 2 piece Mat L/W/H: 48 x 76 x 1/4 inches


Tuff Stuff® Overland provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This covers manufacturing defects and does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes sustained during use or damage caused by improper use, improper cleaning, or improper storage. Tuff Stuff® Overland will repair or replace (with discretion) defective items at no cost to the customer.


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